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We improve visibility forecasts for industrial applications.
Visibility has a huge impact on security as well as on the profitability of businesses, ranging from:

military services -
aviation industry -
automotive industry -
pharmaceutical industry -
environmental protection -
renewable energy production -

Why researchconcepts.io?

  • Our team has a long-standing reputation in developing sophisticated numerical models that improve visibility forecasts. Read more ...
  • Our unique method allows to analytically calculate the water activity of ionic solutions and water, which is at core of light extinction estimates and derived visibility.

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About Us

About the company

researchconcepts.io is a startup in the field of analytical modelling of athmosphere chemistry.
It will operate during its first phase as a division of:

digitalconcepts.io ag
Gartenstrasse 59
CH-4052 Basel

Our Team

researchconcepts.io is driven by an experienced team.

researchconcepts.io ag
Gartenstrasse 59, CH-4052 Basel